Monday, May 17, 2010

Diddy / Dirty Money Ft. T.I. & Rick Ross - "Hello Good Morning" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

It seems like when Diddy and/or Bad Boy actually releases some new material these days, it ends up being garbage.  Diddy seems to sign a ton of decent artists and put them on the shelves to never see the light of day.  I can't remember the last time Bad Boy put out something halfway decent except for maybe Diddy's Press Play album from 2006 and that was more of a party/dance album than actual Hip Hop/Rap.

I guess that's why he decided to put out some new ish with some heavy hitters in Rick Ross and T.I..  Even though this is still on the uptempo dance type vibe, it's still gets the job done and is a little harder than his past few singles.  I'm still confused what exactly Dirty Money is, by the way.  I guess it's technically a group with two chicks but it doesn't sound like they are bringing much to the table.  As always, Diddy is still the main focus. 

I think Diddy is actually better off going with this sing-song auto-tuned style than rapping because we all know he's not exactly the most gifted lyricist or rapper.  This song is definitely huge in the clubs and it's been hitting radio pretty hard lately too.  I am always skeptical of new Diddy songs but this one is on fire.  Expect this one to be around for awhile.

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