Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tony Skinn Kicks Some Dude In The Nuts On a Sick Catapult Dunk (DISGUSTING)

6'1" Tony Skinn just pulled off one of the craziest dunks of the year with this "kick in the nuts catapult" slam.  That was just nasty!  I know he got a little extra height after he pushed off of that dude's nutsack and thigh but even then, it's still pretty F'n cool.  He was going strong to the hoop and was probably going to dunk it anyway. Dude got really HIGH for a little guy.

I don't really remember Skinn but I guess he was a big part of the George Mason team that went to the Final Four back in 2006. He is now playing overseas in Italy for Carmatic PT.

This reminded me of the classic Tom Chambers dunk where his head was way above the rim after he catapulted off of the New York Knicks' Mark Jackson.  DEEZ NUTS!!!

While we are here, we might as well talk about the other crazy dunk that's been making the rounds lately.  Check out this madness from a recent Grizzlies game:

I wish the Celtics would give me the chance to do one of these dunks because I could run circles around that clown Lucky.  He always goes with the safe shit.  He needs to get more creative.  I had a trampoline when I was little and I used to dunk with that and land on the freakin' ground which consisted of rocks, dirt and pavement.  None of this huge padding shit.  If I had 3 foot thick padding below me, I guarantee I would be pulling off 720s and double between the legs like it ain't no thing.  Give me a call TD Garden...

Anyway, What's more embarrassing? Getting kicked in the nuts while being used as a catapult on a posterizing dunk or hitting your face on the rim after jumping off a trampoline at halftime of a Grizzlies game?

At first I was gonna say the Grizzlies fan because the dude was probably bleeding from the head, I think I'm going to go with the Tony Skinn dunk. Everyone will forget about this dumb Grizzlies fan in a few days but the other guy will forever be known as "that guy who got kicked in the nuts on a nasty dunk".  Good luck recovering from that. - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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