Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Granny DJ Mamy Rock Spinnin' In Paris Clubs at Age 69 (LITERALLY OLD SCHOOL?)

Ruth Flowers aka DJ Mamy Rock is a 69 year old Grandmother who first started DJ'n just 4 years ago.  She got the itch to DJ after she went to her grandson's birthday party at a club in London. She loved the vibe so much that she decided to learn how to spin on the 1's and 2's so she could be a part of the fun on a regular basis.

DJ Mamy Rock was a trained singer in her youth so she definitely knows music and she was able to pick up on the whole DJ process fairly quickly because of it. It sounds ridiculous but I guess she actually has a pretty big following and is booked regularly in the Paris nightclubs and other locations around Europe.

That is just too cool. You bet your ass this is going to be me when I'm old! I'll be spinnin' until they day I die!

You can check out more about Mamy Rock at here site www.MamyRock.com or become a fan on Facebook.

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