Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ludacris - "My Chick Bad (Remix)" ft. Diamond, Trina & Eve (HOTNESS)

Eve just ripped the "My Chick Bad Remix" to shreds.  Trina and this Diamond chick sound like some amateurs compared to her. Why did Eve wait so long to get back in the game?  The female rapper is basically extinct at this point in the game so all she has to do is just release some new ish and it's a wrap.  She's the Queen of Hip Hop again. 

She's one of the only female rappers that doesn't annoy the hell out of me after 2 or 3 songs and she can hang with almost any dude rapper bar for bar.  I've loved her ever since her Ruff Ryder days.  I would love to see her destroy these rap bitches with some new heat.  Let's hope she's working on some new material as we speak.  Get 'em girl!  
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