Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nate Robinson's Off the Backboard Dunk vs. Pistons (NICE)

I was at the Celtics game last night and ended up leaving a few minutes early because it was a blowout. I am a little pissed we left when we did because we ended up missing this sick dunk by Nate Robinson at the end of the game.

I think this was Nate Robinson's first dunk as a Celtic but I could be wrong since I haven't seen every game since he joined the team. If it was indeed his first, he definitely made sure it was a good one. I love how Tony Allen nonchalantly threw it off the backboard knowing that Nate would be there to throw it down. I still can't get over how easily he can dunk at just 5'8". After seeing him next to other players on the court for the first time in person, I think it's safe to say he's even smaller than that.  Dude is TINY! 

Nice win by the Celtics last night, by the way.  That was the most points I've seen them score in the first half of a game in a long time.  They actually looked smooth and confident on offense for once.  I also can't get over how quickly and easily Michael Finley has integrated himself with this team.  He looks like he has been with the C's all season long.  He's also shooting lights out.  He might turn out to be exactly what they needed heading into the playoffs.  Hopefully some of that good shooting rubs off on everyone else too. 

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