Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tommy Heinsohn Kisses Maria Menounos During C's Game; Plus Worst Pass Ever by Scalabrine

Tommy is a freakin' pimp!  Getting to touch or hug Maria Menounos is pretty damn impressive but kissing her on the lips?  That's just incredible!  He's still got that swagger!

Someone who does not is the redheaded step child, Brian Scalabrine.  Seriously dude.  WTF is this?  That is possibly the worst inbound pass of all time.  Rondo was WIDE OPEN.  He even tries to act all pissed like Rondo did something wrong instead of just saying "my bad".  That's something a bitch ass 3rd grader would do.

I will be so f'n happy when this clown is finally off the books.  The fact that he gets ANY playing time is absolutely ridiculous and something that baffles me every single game.  He must have naked pictures of Doc or caught him cheating on his wife because there is no reason why he should ever get a minute of PT.  He SUCKS!!!

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