Friday, March 19, 2010

Random NBA Ish - Steve Francis Picks His Nose; Josh Smith Touches Bibby a Little Too Much (FUNNY)

Ewwwww! Steve Francis is digging for some serious gold here. Wouldn't you assume that a camera would be on you quite a bit if you were a former NBA All-Star that was chillin' in the crowd during a freakin' Wizards game? I mean, there might literally be like 2,000 people at the most. It's not like he was hiding in the crowd at a Lakers game or something.

That must have been one of those hard boogs that hurt your nose and need to be picked ASAP. I think the corny cliche here would be "Great pick and roll". 

This vid is a little more subtle but definitely funny. Josh Smith is touching Mike Bibby just a little too gently here to the point that it's just uncomfortable for everyone involved. WTF was he doing anyway? Bibby agreed it was creepy as shit because he responded with a "Get off me!!" or something to that effect. Pretty damn funny... - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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