Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celtics Lose to Bucks; Rondo Throws Down a Sick Putback Dunk

I know it sounds ridiculous to say this but I'm not even that mad that the Celtics lost to the Bucks last night. That team is officially legit. The Bucks are currently in the 5th spot in the East and they are 10-1 since trading for John Salmons before the trade deadline just a few weeks ago. They have a 34-29 record compared to the Celtics 40-22 record.  There really isn't much difference there and that's kind of scary. 

The Celtics played like garbage for most of the game and Pierce and Allen were fairly useless but at least they were able to keep the game close. Gorman kept saying the game had a playoff feel but unfortunately, everyone in the arena except the Celtics felt that way. They just never took their intensity to the next level and now they are letting the Bucks think they can beat them which is not cool since the Celtics could very easily be matched up against the Bucks in the playoffs.

Milwaukee is full of young athletic guys with something to prove and they could very easily give the Celtics some serious problems in the first round just like the Atlanta Hawks did back in 2008. Brandon Jennings was jawing at Garnett at the end of the game on the walk to the locker room which is a sign that these guys are not afraid of the Celtics. This could definitely be one of the worst possible matchups in the first round for the quickly aging C's. I'm definitely starting to get worried.

The Celtics really need to step up their energy level in these next couple of weeks or I'm afraid they are not going to be able to turn it on for the playoffs like everyone thinks they can. I really don't think this team can just hit a switch anymore. Otherwise, we would have seen flashes of that killer mentality in a game like this.
They barely beat the terrible Wizards on Sunday and in reality, they really had no business winning that game at all. I'm getting really tired of this garbage and I'm not feeling very good about this playoff run. 

There were two really nice highlights from last night's game. Rondo had a nice two hand follow up dunk off of a Garnett miss.  That was definitely one of Rondo's best dunks of the year.  Check for it at the 1:18 mark

Milwaukee's Andrew Bogut threw down one of the most unexpected monster dunks I've ever seen.  Check for it at the :28 mark.  He went baseline and threw down on Glen Davis and Nate Robinson.  DAMN! - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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