Friday, November 20, 2009

Worst Commercial Ever? - Tyler Hansborough for Performance Acura (WOW!)

This could be the BEST and WORST commercial that I've ever seen in my life. I'm not sure that statement even makes any sense but I think you will understand once you take a look.

The script and Tyler Hansborough's acting skills are beyond horrendous but that is what makes it so incredible. Either Hansborough was really nervous or he might be a little slow. Who the F thought this was a good idea anyway?!?!  No one in either camp comes out looking any better in this scenario.  In no way do I want to buy a car from this dealership and I now think Tyler is a dumbass.  Yikes. 

I saw this commercial for the first time earlier this month on Ball Don't Lie and thought it was pretty funny but I didn't think it was good enough to warrant a full post at the time.  I started talking about it today at lunch for some reason and once I watched it again I realized how ridiculously awesome it actually was. This is unintentional comedy gold!

I think J.E. Skeets of Ball Don't Lie agrees because he decided to make a remix of his own.  WOW!!! - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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