Monday, November 2, 2009

Ginobli Catches a Bat During Spurs Game on Halloween Night (CRAZY)

You can't make this stuff up. During the Kings vs. Spurs game on Saturday night, a bat was flying around the arean during the game which obviously caused a delay. Workers tried to catch it with nets or knock it down but had no luck. 

If that wasn't weird enough considering it was Halloween, Manu Ginobli saw it fly by his head and was able to wack it out of the sky and knocked it to the ground like he was some kind of crazy ninja or something. He then picked it up all nonchalantly as the crowd gave him a standing ovation. UNBELIEVABLE!

Ginobli's quote after the game was pretty solid too. "When you can't dunk anymore, you have to find a way to make it into the news.  So that's what I did. I grabbed a bat. I didn't think it was a big deal." - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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