Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-Hitter (UNBELIEVABLE)

I've never heard of the LSD No-Hitter thrown in 1970 by former Pittsburgh Pirate Dock Ellis so I'm glad one of my boys sent me this video so I could hear the story directly from the man himself. This is the ultimate level of AWESOMENESS!  Holy Shit!  How the hell did he do this?  Unreal!

There is all of this talk about players using performance ENHANCING drugs but there is rarely any mention about people using performance INHIBITING drugs (except for David Wells Perfect Game where he was supposedly half-drunk and suffering from a ridiculous hangover).  Props to Doc Ellis for one of the most entertaining sports stories I've ever heard.  Great work by animator James Blagden and No Mas TV as well.  SO GOOD!!!

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