Tuesday, November 3, 2009

50 Cent's "Baby By Me" Official Video, Plus 50 Cries Over Rick Ross' Triple C's Album Sales (OWNED)

Here's the official video for 50 Cent's new single "Baby By Me" featuring Ne-Yo from his new album, Before I Self Destruct.  Nothing new to see here other than a super fly guest appearance by Kelly Rowland.  Good enough. I wasn't really a fan of this song at first but it's starting to grow on me.  I guess hearing it on the radio every hour will do that to you.  You bastards!

Below is a recent radio interview 50 did with the Connecticut radio station HOT 93.7.  They brought up Rick Ross' new group Triple C's album sales and 50 started crying and then laughing once he found out that the album Custom Cars & Cycles only sold 4,000 units in it's first week.  YIKES!!!  As you probably know, 50 Cent and Rick Ross have been beefing on record over the past year or more and 50 is trying to take credit for putting the smack down on Ross and his crew.

I'm not so sure this album would have sold much anyway because I can't name one rapper in the crew other than Rick Ross and I haven't even heard a single yet but of course 50 is going to take credit for the shitty sales numbers. Whatever.  It's still funny to hear him shitting on Ross and his boys for doing "mixtapes out the trunk" numbers. 

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