Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Site of the Week - PeopleofPublicTransit.com (AWESOME)

In these economic times, even the military is cutting costs.

When someone sent me the link to PeopleofPublicTransit.com yesterday, my expectations were fairly low.  I figured it was just a crappy rip off of PeopleofWalmart.com and it would just pale in comparison.  I have to admit though, PoPT is legit!  There are some funny ass pictures on this site.  Just check out some of these jokers!  WTF?!?!  Why are there so many f'n weirdos in the world!?!? 

Nothing more sad than a clown without a clown car.

I always wondered who would take the People of Walmart concept to the next level and I think this might be it.  I'm kind of pissed I didn't think of this myself, actually.  If I was still riding the T to work maybe I would have thought of it but luckily I have blocked most of those horrific experiences from my brain forever.  Unfortunately, I am starting to have flashbacks of all of the crazy bastards I used to see every day on my trip to Boston because of PeopleofPublicTransit.com

If you still ride the T or subway to work everyday, I really feel bad for you.  I do not miss that madness at all.  I always felt like I was walking into the jungle and wasn't sure if I would come out alive or make it to my destination.  If you are an every day rider, at least you now have a reason to stay alert instead of staring at the floor, reading the newspaper or playing on your phone.  If you take a pic of some freak and send it in to PoPT, you can win up to $100 for the best photo of the month.  Good ish!  

Please tell me you made that yourself. And please tell me you can make me one.

If it’s not bad enough you’re out in public, do you have to stand right in front of the door where someone might accidentally rub up against…ew that’s your plan isn’t it?

Nothing turns me on more than a bag-o-legs.

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