Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Bedford Rappers Arrested for YouTube Video (WTF?!?!)

Wow. This is some serious bullshit.  Two New Bedford "rappers" (and I use that loosely) were arrested for a YouTube video they posted recently in which they made "threats" on a probation officer and state trooper.  For more details on the arrest and a brief video summary from Channel 7 News, click here

So here are the issues at hand. Knuckleheads Matthew Ruffino and Jason Foley made a terrible rap video and decided to call out by name people in law enforcement that have F'd them over in the past. It's not the smartest thing ever and these dudes are idiots for thinking it wouldn't get back to the cops somehow but it is something that should be protected by free speech.  Their defense attorney said Wrin Steadman broke it down nicely when she said "The substance of this rap video, although offensive and probably inappropriate and certainly misguided and not very smart, isn't criminal".

The thing that I can't understand is how someone even found this video in the first place. It only has 7,000+ views and most of those are probably from people searching out the video because of the news. I couldn't even find it right away and typing in "Watch 4 Me" in YouTube search hell gives you about a thousand different video that are completely irrelevant.    

The song is AWFUL and I can't imagine many people would be passing around this link unless they thought it would get these two clowns in trouble.  The cops must have been tipped off by someone who wanted to get back at these idiots because there is no way and hell they would be looking for something like this on their own and actually be able to find it.

I still don't understand what made the New Bedford Police think that it was OK to arrest them for this though.  Did they really feel threatened?  I mean come on.  If anything, they should have been laughing their asses off at these dudes for trying to be hard over an incident that happened three years ago where Ruffino was pulled over for a suspended license and was only given a ticket and not even arrested.  That's just ridiculous. Is that really a reason to say F*** the Police?  Give me a break.    

I don't really want to defend these guys but at the same time, I don't want it to become a trend where people are being arrested for a poor choice of lyrics for their terrible songs.  Luckily, we live in a country where you can pretty much say anything because of the First Amendment, regardless of how stupid or ignorant it might be. 

What do you think?  Did the cops overreact or did these idiots deserve to be arrested? 

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