Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Michael Jackson - "Beat It" Philly Club Remix w/ Video (HOT)

Dj Sega, Dj JD and Dj Excel put together a dope remix of one of MJ's all time classics "Beat It".  Above is the official remix video that was created by CB Shaw which is equally dope.

I'm not always a fan of remixing a song that is so huge because it almost never lives up to the original but in this case, it kind of works. This is definitely made for the DJ's and club scene.  You wouldn't normally play the original "Beat It" in a regular set very often but this version can definitely be added to the rotation.  This is some hot ish! I might have to put this on the new Dj RyB MJ Remix mixtape!

Click Here to Download:
Michael Jackson - "Beat It" Philly Club Remix - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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