Friday, September 24, 2010

Sam Adams - Party Records: A Mixtape (NOT BAD)

You may not have heard of Sam Adams if your not from New England or don't visit on a regular basis but if you happened to check out the top selling Hip Hop albums in iTunes during the summer, you would have seen his EP Boston's Boy which debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts in March 2010.  

People freaked out when this happened because he basically came out of nowhere.  There were even rumors of him faking sales by purchasing the album over and over again with the same credit card but he has since disproved this theory with legit iTunes sales records.  The record industry was flipping out and probably started a lot of these rumors because they couldn't understand how an independent artist with a mostly local following could take over the charts like that.  They were worried that he was showing other independent artists that you don't need the big record labels to get it done and sell some records. 

Keep in mind that Sam Adams' music is very pop and electro influenced so it's not for everyone.  He isn't trying to be a gangster rapper or even the next Eminem and will willingly admit that he makes poppy Hip Hop party records.  He's a college white boy from the burbs and he's making records about getting girls and hooking up with chicks.  It just so happens that a lot of people can relate to what he's saying and can get down to his beats.  Everyone his age is loving it and his music connected with his audience.  That's all you really need. 

Party Records: A Mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid is now available for download here.  From what I've heard so far, this shit is pretty good.  His rapping skills have gotten better since Boston's Boy and he's starting to connect with some solid producers like Ski Beats and Clinton Sparks.  I can't hate at all.  Dude is doing his thing. 

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