Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kanye West Performs "Runaway" at the MTV VMA's (DECENT)

I kept my streak of not watching the VMA's alive for about the 10th year in a row so I am just catching up on the "highlights" now. It sounds like it was a pretty terrible show (as expected) so it's nice to know I didn't miss much.

Kanye closed out the VMA's with his new song "Runaway".  He's not exactly the best live performer, especially when he is singing but all things considering, it sounded decent.  It's always tough performing a song that no one really knows. I like the song as it was performed but I think the finished product will sound much better since he will be able to use his production magic to clean it all up.   

By the way, Pusha T from Clipse absolutely crushed his verse and kind of stole the song.  I just wish more people knew who he was because the crowd seemed confused.  I actually thought it was that little R&B clown Lloyd at first.  Pusha needs to take those braids down a notch.  That shit ain't cool anymore, bro.  He definitely owned Kanye on his own song though. 

I liked how Kanye came out playing the MPC like it was an instrument because in all honesty, it really is. Most people had no idea what he was doing but anyone that's ever made a beat surely recognized what he was doing and probably got hyped up like I did.  He also killed it in his all red suit and matching red Louis Vuitton Dons on his feet.  Most people would never have the balls to pull that off but he made it work.

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