Monday, September 27, 2010

BMW iPad Holder for Back Seat Viewing (GREAT IDEA)

Oh hell yeah!  This is such a good idea.  I kind of saw this coming when the iPad was first released.  It's the perfect portable computer/TV/Entertainment hub and I just knew someone would figure out a way of getting it in the car sooner than later. There have been a few DIY versions of the iPad mount since it was first announced earlier this year and there was even a custom in-dash mount created that I blogged about a few months ago but now it is official with the BMW version.

Obviously almost everyone would love to have a BMW which would allow you to order this special mount but that's just not feasible for most of us common folk.  So if you want some fairly cheap alternatives, just do a quick Google search for iPad Holder, Car Mount or Cradle and you are bound to find a few options.  I found a few ranging from $40, $75 and $150 which is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a new BMW.
Best believe that I will be getting myself one of these mounts once I actually purchase an iPad.  I already figured out a ghetto work around to get my iPhone 3G on my dash using one of those suction cup flexible arms so I can watch live TV using the SlinBox app or movies using the NetFlix app.  Relax!  I don't really watch the screen while I'm driving.  I just listen and wait until I get to a red light or stop sign to catch a quick peak.  Honestly...

I thought the iPhone set up was the best I could do but now I can literally get a 9" screen in the ride using the iPad 3G.  That would be insane!  I don't think I have the balls to mount it on my dash like it was shown in a few of those links because I don't feel like getting arrested.  However, I will definitely put it in the backseat in anticipation of the little one on the way growing up to be an easily distracted toddler needing some kind of visual stimulation on long road trips.

I'm all about spending a few hundred bucks for one of these mounts if it keeps the little one quiet for a long period of time.  It's such a better alternative than spending $1-$2K on one of those DVD flip down units that can only show movies and nothing else. I guarantee you are going to see more and more iPads in cars as this concept catches on.  That should happen soon and I plan on being one of the early adopters.
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