Monday, September 27, 2010

Lil Wayne ft. Drake - "Right Above It" (NEW ISH)

Did you know Lil Wayne was dropping a new album called I Am Not A Human Being tomorrow?  Because I literally had no idea until just now. I didn't think he was going to drop a new one so quickly since Rebirth just came out earlier this year.  After reading a little bit it sounds like this was originally supposed to be an EP and then it became a full album to be released as an iTunes only download.  I assume it's mostly scraps left over from his previous recording sessions but I'm sure all of the hardcore Lil Wayne fans will appreciate something "new" while he's gone.  

I have a funny feeling this album is not going to do well.  I think people are finally starting to get sick of Weezy and his played out style.  He's just not bringing anything new to the table and since it's probably not his best material, I think fans will be very disappointed.  Maybe being away from it all for awhile will rejuvenate his creativity because I think sippin' on all of that purple drank got his mind twisted.

"Right Above It" featuring Drake is the lead single but it's just not doing it for me.  It's a decent song but it's not going to do to well on the charts and will probably fade away fairly quickly, at least in my opinion. Once he gets out of jail, I'm sure the buzz will be pretty insane when he drops some new shit but I'm just not hearing that buzz right now.  He better get his act together or the Lil Wayne madness that took place over the last couple of years will quickly fade away...

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