Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cowboys' Keith Brookings Delivers Awful Pre-Game Speech (EVERYONE IS NOW DUMBER)

WTF is Keith Brookings talking about?  This might have been one of the worst motivational speeches I've ever heard in my life.  It was too long and way too confusing.  Here's what I would have been thinking if I was in that huddle...

The stage is set.  (OK.)
The lights are on.  (I follow you.)
They have opened the doors to their house. (Um, sure.  Not really related to your stage analogy but I'm kind of following you still.  And wouldn't this be a good thing if they opened the door to their house for you to come in?  Seems like a nice gesture.)
Now we got a little situation on our hands.  (Is that a Jersey Shore reference?)
Cause we're standing in their home. (Well, they invited us by opening the doors, remember?  So it's not really a bad thing.)
Now this is what we must do.  We've gotta fight.  We've gotta bite.  We gotta scratch.  We gotta bleed...For each other!!!  (Dude.  You lost me.  WTF are you talking about?) - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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