Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bad News Brown - The Hip Hop Harmonica Player (COOL)

Bad News Brown is definitely on some other shit.  He's carving a nice little niche for himself in the Hip Hop and R&B world and has a skill that separates him from almost everyone else out right now.  Not many artists can play an instrument as it is but being able to play the harmonica just puts him on another level. It's just so unique and sounds awesome the way he mashes it with his genre bending beats. 

I never thought the harmonica would sound so good with a Hip Hop beat but he definitely makes it work.  Shit is hot!  "Reign" is one of the few tracks I've found where it's just a beat and the harmonica but the rest of his stuff is pretty solid too.  He mashes a ton of different genres together to create some crazy original music.  I kind of see him as an Andre 3000 type dude with a little bit of N.E.R.D., Common and Gym Class Heroes all up in the mix. 

Here are a few more dope joints:

His debut album, Born 2 Sin, is difficult to categorize due to the different styles employed, but BNB terms it... “Harmonic Hip-Hop” or “Electronic Triptronic Melodic Harmonics”. Intelligence is a classic Hip-Hop track featuring beats, scratching, and a cinematic production sound, while Back On It possesses a sexy and laidback vibe. The title track Born 2 Sin is a fusion of Hip-Hop and soul.

Download Born 2 Sin in iTunes

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