Monday, September 27, 2010

Converse - "Join The Procession" Commercial (COOL)

Converse is really stepping their game up, huh?  They've got a bunch of decent commercials floating around now and their shoes are actually somewhat relevant again.  Who would have thought?

I saw this new "Join The Procession" commercial last night during Family Guy of all shows and thought it was pretty cool.  There are a ton of guest appearances including Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Jim Jones, Carlos Arroyo, God Shammgod, Luam Keflezgy, Rune Glifberg, Kenny Anderson, Doug E. Fresh among others.  The commercial also features the song "Hello Operator" by The White Stripes which works really well with the theme. 

I have no idea what Jim Jones is doing in this commercial but he has been seen rockin' some Chuck's once in awhile so maybe they thought he represented the brand?  I don't know many people that can stand that dude and his awful rapping so it might not have been the best decision to include him but what are you gonna do.  I'm sure they took all of the "celebrities" they could get.  

In somewhat related news, I bought my first pair of Chuck's myself just a few weeks ago so I guess I am officially on board with the Converse renaissance.  They are very simple when compared to any of my other kicks like Jordan's and Air Max 90's but they do go with everything.  It's definitely a solid casual shoe.  I never thought I would own a pair but I guess my style is evolving in my old age... 

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