Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NBA Insider Ric Bucher Says Lebron James & Chris Bosh Will Sign With The Chicago Bulls (ENOUGH SPECULATION ALREADY)

July 1st could not come soon enough.  I am so sick of the speculation of where LeBron, Wade and Bosh are going to go from all of the talking heads.  All of these so called experts don't know shit.  They are just making stuff up to try and get some face time on ESPN or other sports networks.

I just heard the other day that blowhard Stephen A. Smith claims that all three are going to play together in Miami.  No f'n way in hell that happens.  They would all have to take paycuts and that just ain't happening.  If you listen to anything that clown says, you are an idiot.  There is a reason why he was fired from ESPN. 

I actually think this rumor about Bosh and James going to Chicago could have some legs but I don't know how they can afford both.  They are probably going to need a sign and trade.  It seems like Chicago has the best chance of landing LeBron at this point but who knows what he is thinking.  He probably hasn't even made up his mind yet.  Although, maybe he changed his number to 6 because he knew he wanted to go to Chicago all along and he knew he couldn't wear #23?  That's doubtful though. There's no way he was thinking that far ahead but it was strange how far in advance he announced he would be changing numbers for the 2011 season. 

In regards to the other free agents, Wade will probably stay in Miami and hope one of them decides to come down there to play.  Bosh is definitely not going back to Toronto so I could see him following Wade or LeBron but at the same time he might want to have his own legacy and could join the Clippers, Mavericks or someone else no one is even talking about.  The Knicks and Nets are going to be left picking up the scraps, in my opinion.  Who wants to go play for a team that has the talent equivalent of and NBDL team?  How does Joe Johnson and Amare Stoudemire sound, Knicks fans?!?!?  Pretty sure they already tried that in Phoenix about 5 years ago.  How did that work out?

There is even a chance that the Knicks could get completely shut out of the free agency bonanza which would be the funniest thing ever.  They have been tanking and getting rid of huge contracts the past two years just to clear room for LeBron and there hasn't even been a sniff of a rumor saying that any of the three are interested in going there.  Love it!

Just this morning, ESPN had a "Breaking News" segment in which Chris Broussard reported that James, Wade and Bosh were meeting today to discuss their future.  These guys are milking this shit for all it's worth.  That's for sure.  Can we just fast forward to July 1st so I don't have to listen to all of the speculation anymore?  I can't even watch ESPN at this point because this is all they are talking about and there is absolutely NOTHING else on TV right now.  Brutal. - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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