Friday, June 11, 2010

C's Win Game 4 w/ Huge Play From Nate and Big Baby ("WE'RE LIKE SHREK & DONKEY")

Now that's WTF I'm talking about!!!  It wasn't pretty but the C's got the job done and sent a message to the Lakers that they are not going to back down.  I lost about 3 years of my life last night watching this game but the end result was worth it.  With a win on Sunday, the Celtics will take back the momentum of this series.  I have a feeling whoever wins Game 5 will win the whole thing.

The Celtics starters still did not play well which is super frustrating, although Pierce had a good game with some big shots and Allen started making some plays in the 4th quarter.  Unfortunately, Garnett was missing a ton of open jumpers and Rondo was missing bunnies but the bench stepped in and took it to the next level.

I thought we needed to see more of Nate Robinson in this game and when he got some PT, he did not disappoint.  He hit a couple of big threes and brought that crazy energy to the team that was sorely needed.  He was getting the crowd into it too which was huge since they were in a coma for most of the 2nd and 3rd quarter.  Big Baby also played great and gave us his "Leon Powe game".  He even started drooling like a rabid dog after he made a huge and 1 play.  Dude is nuts!!!

These two crazy bastards also linked up for one of the more memorable quotes of the Finals so far.  "We're like Shrek and Donkey!"  HA HA!  F'n classic!  I love Nate! 

I don't think they showed this on replay during the game for some reason but there was also an awesome moment where Pierce made an And 1 play and gave a fist pump to celebrate which turned into a solid punch that landed square on the face of referee Eddie Rush.  AWESOME!  I wish he would have done that during the first three games after some of those awful calls.  Luckily the officiating was decent in Game 4 and it made a huge difference. - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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