Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LeBron Posterizes James Johnson of the Bulls (GET OFF ME!)

I feel like the NBA Playoffs have been fairly low key so far except for the Garnett vs. Heat elbow incident and this dunk by LeBron posterizing the shit out of James Johnson from last night's game.  We will probably see LeBron do this about 35 more times before the series ends.  He is in the zone right now and no one on the Bulls except Noah can play a lick of defense.  He could also go for 50 in one of the next few games based on how he is shooting the rock. He is virtually unstoppable right now...

As usual, the Cavs bench flipped out and reacted as if they had never seen LeBron posterize someone even though he does it all the damn time.  They are always good for at least one overreaction per game.  Love it!

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