Thursday, April 15, 2010

James White's Between the Legs Free Throw Line Dunk (UNREAL)

WTF?!?!?  How is this even humanly possible?  I knew James White was a nasty dunker but this is on some other shit.  I love how took off from the free throw line for every dunk.  The first one was just a simple warm up even though he cocked it back further than anyone has ever done from that distance.  Then he goes two hands from the free throw line with ease.  What about a little free throw line windmill.  Done.  You think that's nasty?  How about between the legs from the free throw line!  Seriously?!?!  Holy shit!!!  That was possibly the best dunk I've ever seen! 

FYI - This clip is from a 2008 All-Star game in Turkey, I believe. It's a few years old but I am just seeing it for the first time.  I thought it was worthy of a post because I can't stop watching it.  You can't even do that in a video game.  So insane!  

Here is James White in the 2006 NCAA Dunk Contest.  There were some great dunks in this one from all of the contestants but the only reason White didn't win is because he missed his final dunk. - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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