Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Ish Part 2 - NBA Bans Caron Butler's Straws, Pigeon Rides the Subway & More...

Here are some more random videos that didn't make the cut this week but might be worth viewing if you have some time to kill. They weren't strong enough to warrant their own post but as a package, it seems to work...

NBA Bans Caron Butler from Chewing on Straws During Games - This might be one of the weirdest sports rituals I have ever seen.  Why don't you try a mouth-guard or some gum, Caron?   

Pigeon Riding the Subway - This pigeon is the shit! He's like "My wings are mad tired, yo. I'm just gonna take the subway for a few stops." I knew city pigeons weren't afraid of humans but imitating them is on some next level shit!

Truck Crosses Flooded Road - How the hell did this truck's engine not seize up while this dude is driving through a 3-4 foot river? WTF?! I was not expecting this end result. Dude had balls!

Scott Van Pelt Gets PWNED by Captain Jenks from The Howard Stern Show - Do TV shows even employ call screeners anymore?  How the hell does a nerdy white dude who doesn't even change his voice or sound anything like Brian Westbrook get right through onto a live SportsCenter?  Ridiculous.

The Legend of Zelda Rap - Wow. This way better than I expected it to be. It's pretty tough to make anything about The Legend of Zelda sound cool but these guys actually did a decent job. I was never a huge Zelda fan but even if you have just played the game a few times, you can appreciate this.

Harvard Quidditch - Wow. I mean seriously. Can you get any nerdier? Harvard is definitely one of the only colleges on the planet where the made up game from Harry Potter called "Quidditch" could actually take place without the players getting their ass kicked on the regular.  The messed up thing is that these kids will be Doctors, Lawyers or CEO's in the future.  Yikes. - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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