Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beer Pong Slam Dunks (AWESOME)

Beer Pong is the Basketball of drinking games so it seems only logical that Dunking would soon become a part of the game.  I guess I'm just a little too old because this never existed in my day and surprisingly, no one ever thought of it. I kind of feel like those guys that got married and started having kids in the mid 60's right before Free Love, Drugs and Woodstock hit the scene.  It's beyond infuriating to know that I missed out on something so awesome and I'm pissed I didn't think of doing it myself.

If I was still in college, I guarantee I would be one of the best Ber Pong Dunkers around.  My many years of Nerf Hoop Dunk Contests as a youth with my buddy D.C. would have given me all the skills I needed to pull of epic Beer Pong Dunks. We were pulling off these video game dunks more than a decade before they existed.  Most of these dudes in this video are amateurs as far as I'm concerned.

I'm impressed with the collection of dunks as a whole since this is all new to me but I need to see some more originality and diversity in their execution.  It will come with time, I'm sure.  If you are going to break the table and maybe your neck, you might as well go all out and take it to the next level.  I want to see more alley oops, possibly some props like a chair or a person to jump over and maybe even some flips.

Even though the power dunks are impressive, I'd also like to see a few more finesse dunks.  I'm pretty sure I could jump the length of the table, go behind the back and drop in a dunk without knocking over a single cup and land on my feet on the other end.  That's the type of shit I'm talking about. 

Luckily a few of these guys stepped it up so I wasn't completely disappointed. I was very impressed by the dude on the skateboard who caught some major air and cleared the table, the kid who popped a nice two footed reverse 360 and the guy who took off from deep and landed a nice slam into the pool. That's some good shit right there! - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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