Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Awesome Fight Videos - Old Man & Gulf War Vet For the Wins (EPIC BEARD MAN)

Punk Takes on Gulf War Vet and Gets Humiliated

Here are two awesome fight videos that were discussed on the Opie and Anthony Show this morning.  You gotta love the restraint by this guy in the first video.  He just stands there with his arms folded and takes the harassment from this skinny little crackhead without even flinching.

This punk should have walked away once he saw this guy go into a fighting stance.  It was game over from that point.  Nothing is worse than getting knocked down by a guy with a beer belly with one punch/slap.  I love how he could only crawl away too.  What a little bitch.

Old White Man Beats Up Black Guy on Bus (EPIC BEARD MAN)

This video should show people out there that just because someone is old doesn't mean that they still can't kick your ass.  The chances are pretty high that someone this old was in a war, trained in combat and ready to give a beat down when they are provoked because they are crazy from all of that madness. Don't forget about old guy strength too.  This dude probably knocks down trees and chops wood just for fun. You know you've officially been humiliated when an 67 year old gray beard with a fanny pack makes you bleed profusely with one punch.

UPDATE:  Epic Beard Man Interview - This dude is CRAZY!
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