Monday, February 1, 2010

Lakers Beat Celtics at Home; Kobe Hits Game Winner (WEAK)

I might need to stop going to Celtics games for the rest of the season because they lose almost every time I have tickets. I've probably seen most of their 8 home losses and I don't think I've seen a win in at least 4 games.  WTF is going on?  

That was another tough loss for the C's considering they started off down 13 in the first quarter but fought there way back to take control of the game through the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  They were up by 10 points in the 4th quarter but let the game slip away.  Unfortunately, this has become more of a trend than a random occurrence and things are not looking so good.  I thought the Celtics looked much better than expected against the Lakers but letting them win that game is not good for their confidence moving forward.  Not only does it let the Lakers think they can beat the Celitcs at home but it also took away some potential momentum for the C's that would have been gained by the win.  

I don't know that there is anyone to truly blame for the loss since it was a collaborative effort but I always look at Doc because he is the one running the show.  His substitution pattern was all over the place again and he didn't have the starters all together until midway through the 4th when the Lakers were already going on their run to erase the 10 point lead.  One of his assistants really needs to just tell him when it's time to make substitutions because he is not capable of doing it himself.  He always leaves people in too long to the point that they are ineffective and he also let's his hot players sit on the bench too long and when they come back in, they are as cold as ice.  I think Doc's new nickname should be "The Cooler". 

The one play that pissed me off more than Kobe's winning shot was the play prior when Pierce was called for an offensive foul on the push-off.  Yes, he definitely pushed off a bit but that is a play that is rarely called at the end of a close game, yet alone on your home court.  Artest did a good job of acting and he sold it hard to the refs.  It looked like Artest was already off balance but I guess you can't make any excuses.  It just sucks since Pierce hit the shot and that would have completely changed the game.  It really was a tough call to make with 10 seconds left in a close game.  Whatever happened to letting them play during the last 2 minutes?  It seems like those days might be gone.

On top of it all, the TD Garden REFUSED to show the replay of the controversial offensive foul call on the Jumbotron so the fans had no idea what the hell happened and we were completely stunned by the call.  Way to go, Jumbotron operators.  You just took a way a perfect opportunity to get the fans fired up to possibly help the Celtics get energized for the last play of the game.  Instead, everyone was flat because they had no idea what just happened.  Ridiculous. - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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