Monday, January 23, 2012

Pacers Mascot Breaks Backboard During Halftime of a High School Game (CLASSIC)

Wow!  This is a gem right here.  It’s pretty cool to see someone break a backboard in person but I would be PISSED if I was on one of the players and couldn’t finish the game because of this joker. I hope the Pacers at least offer to pay for the new backboard and don't make Boomer pay for it because that dude can't be making too much money as the mascot.  It would be a nice PR move for the Pacers too since this video already has over 3 million views and climbing.  

It's not Boomer's fault that the high school had a shitty backboard.  Although, I can't imagine he will be allowed to do this at random events anymore because the chances of this happening again are probably pretty high.  Dude needs to stick to the NBA approved hoops only or the Pacers will be racking up some serious expenses on backboard maintenance... 

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