Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lots-A-Dunks: Vince, Blake and Chandler Parsons?!?! (DEEZ NUTS)

I always thought Chandler Parsons would be a solid NBA player while at Florida because of his size and shooting ability but I forgot that he also has some athleticism and hops which he proved with this nasty put back all up in Javale McGee's face.  I love that he got one of the most annoying and arrogant players in the league in an embarrassing "Deez Nuts" situation all up in his grill.  The Rockets officially have the two most athletic white guys in the NBA with Parsons and Chase Buddinger.

This Blake Griffin dunk is pretty nice but I think it's getting a lot of attention because he posterized the man everyone loves to hate lately in Kris Humphries.  I know a lot of ladies were loving this one. 

Lastly, here is a nice hammer dunk from Vince Carter that showed hints of his former self known as Vinsanity.  Even though this was a solid dunk for most people, you can just tell Carter has lost his ups and he was struggling a little bit to get to the whole on this one.  I think if he lost some weight and got in better shape, he'd get some of his hops back but he might just be too old at this point. It was fun while it lasted...

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