Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wiz Khalifa Ft. Lola Monroe & Juicy J - "Oh Gee La" (IN STUDIO VIDEO)

DOPE!!!  This is a nice update of The Fugees' "Fu-Gee-La (Ooh-La-La-La)" from back in 1996.  Wiz and company did a nice job of keeping the vibe of the original but giving it a 2011 touch.

I can't believe it's been that freakin' long since that song and the hugely popular The Score first came out. Good lord! I actually listened to that album randomly a few months ago and almost the whole thing still stands up to this day. It was certainly ahead of it's time or maybe it's just timeless. Either way, it's one of the best Group Rap Albums of all time. No question.

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