Friday, January 27, 2012

Celtics Beat Magic Again After Being Down 27 Points! (CRAZY COMEBACK)

Wow!  Who saw this one coming?  Actually, the way the game started is exactly how I expected it to go but the ending is what was unexpected.  The C's blew out the Magic on Monday and I assumed the opposite would happen last night down in Orlando.  The game certainly started that way with the C's looking sluggish and going down by 27 points.  I was almost ready to turn the channel for good until they showed some life in the 3rd Quarter.  Then the D woke up in the 4th quarter, shut the Magic down again and everything started rolling.

Pierce was scoring at will and Moore was hitting threes left and right.  Crazy!  I thought Monday night was a fluke but maybe the C's really were just out of shape and needed some time to get their shit together.  I'm heading to the game tonight against the Pacers and I still think there is a chance for a letdown game but it would be nice if they could keep this momentum going.

Here are the highlights from Monday that I forgot to post earlier this week:
I almost forgot to post KG's awesome postgame interview rant with Craig Sager. "Bar Fight!!!"

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