Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NBA Top 10 for January 10th - Plus the Two Jokers Sitting on the Mavs Bench in Detroit (WTF?)

Before I give you the highlights from last night, take a look at the video of these two clowns in Detroit sitting on the Mavs bench.  The whole situation is confusing and almost seems like it's a joke.  These dudes are dressed like douchebags and they seem to be acting like DB's too.  Vince Carter got pushed down and is looking around like "Is this shit for real?!?!?"  How the hell did they get these seats and is this a normal occurrence in Detroit?  I need answers. 

And here are the highlights from last night, including a nice dunk from Brandon Wright, a solid oop from Wade to LeBron and nice reverse off the oop by Kobe.

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