Friday, October 5, 2012

Mr. Green "Live from the Streets" featuring Janice and Jus Allah (CRAZY)

I've known about Mr. Green and his magical beats for a little while now but I never knew about his "Live from the Streets" YouTube series until someone put me on to it earlier this week.  It's definitely one of the more creative things I've seen in regards to production and beat making in a long time.  Mr. Green walks around the city looking for unique sounds and inspirations and he ends up with an amazing finished product.  The concept isn't new since producers have been doing this since the beginning of Hip Hop but seeing it happen in "real time" makes it coll as shit. 

The two vids I liked the most were the one above with singer Janice and Jus Allah and this one here with Chiller Theater and Young Zee. This dude is mad talented and I can't wait to watch more of his videos and listen to more of his songs. 

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