Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LeBron's Samsung Galaxy Note II Commercial (ANNOYING)

Just when I was starting to come around on LeBron and starting to like him again, he goes and makes a ridiculous commercial like this and takes it all back. I thought he had finally matured and didn't make everything all about him after finally winning a championship and maturing on and off the court but this commercial just ruined everything. 

We get it.  You won a championship, LeBron.  Hooray for you.  Everyone give him a trophy for winning the trophy.  Blah.  If you watched the Celtics/Heat game last night then you saw this and similar commercials approximately 45 times each.  Ridiculous. 

Anyway, I found a way to flip it and make it post worthy because of the soundtrack.  Samsung used the classic "Keep on Pushing" bt The Impressions.  Here is the full song:

I immediately thought of Bun B's "Pushin'" which uses this as a sample.  It's one of my favorite Bun B songs and possibly one of my favorite Hip Hop tracks from the past 5+ years.  It doesn't get much better than this:

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