Friday, October 12, 2012

Glen "Big Baby" Davis Release Rap Song Called "Gon' Turn It Up (AWFUL)

I’m so glad the Celtics got rid of this clown last year.  I used to talk myself into liking him since he was on the team and he showed flashes of being a great player but he was just too much of a headcase to last long term.  He thought he was better than he really was and he wanted the ball and to start on a Championship team where he hadn't earned that right yet.  After he punched a bathroom stall and broke his hand right before the season started two years ago, I officially had enough. 

There is no way this was a joke on his part and he probably thinks it sounds awesome. It's like a bad version of Flo Rida, T-Pain and David Guetta all mixed into one.  I've heard worse from athletes but this is right up there with worst athlete decisions of all time.  Dude is delusional.

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