Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kobe Drops 45 Pts. & a Buzzer Beater in Drew League Game (NOT BAD)

With the NBA in a lockout, I'll take any NBA highlights or news I can get these days, even if it includes Kobe Bryant.  You might have seen this last night since it was all over SportsCenter and PTI but I thought it was cool enough to post here.  It's not like there was crazy defense being played as the final score was 139-137 and Kobe looks like he scored an "easy" 45 points but you still gotta give him props for taking and hitting a big shot. The dude covering him actually played some pretty good D at the end and got a hand inches from the ball but it wasn't enough. 

I love how the pros are playing in leagues like this to stay competitive and also give the fans an up close look at their game that they would never get otherwise.  At least something good is coming from this lockout. 

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