Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kenny Dobbs & Exile Face Off In 2011 LA Live Nike 3 on 3 Dunk Contest (NASTY)

I feel like I say this all the time but why can't the NBA just let these professional dunkers take over the dunk contest at NBA All Star Weekend instead of forcing players to do it?  The contest is stale, big names don't want to do it in fear of getting hurt or embarrassed and the most of the guys they can convince to do it aren't even good dunkers.  If half of the players are just random dudes anyway, we might as well let these prime time dunkers do it anyway.  If anything, it would re-energize the contest and get the fans interested again.  These guys are doing crazy shit that no pro would ever dare try even if they were capable of doing it which most are not.  This is on some video game shit.  Every one of these dunks was incredible.  Who wouldn't watch this?!?!

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