Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aloe Blacc - "Tonight Downtown" Sponsored by Tanqueray (FUNKY)

Here's some smooth new ish from one of my favorite new artists, Aloe Blacc.  Even though "Tonight Downtown" is a Tanqueray sponsored song, you won't hear any forced mention of the brand in the lyrics like you might with some other sponsored joints.  They just decided to team up with Aloe because they liked his vibe and thought his music was a great fit for their brand.

You might recognize Aloe Blacc from his rising hit "I Need A Dollar".  Even though the song has been out since April 2010, I really just started listening to his music recently because it's finally getting some airplay on Sirius/XM.  I don't have HBO anymore so I've never seen the show How to Make It In America for which this is the theme song.  Otherwise, I think I would have been hooked on it a long time ago.

I actually kind of like it when a good song takes a long time to build but finally makes its way to the mainstream.  It just proves that good music can still be found by the masses without radio forcing it down our throat every hour.  It might still happen now that it's a hit but at least it didn't start out like that. 

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