Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dr. Dre's "Power Beats" Commercial Featuring LeBron James and Affion Crockett (FUNNY)

This is a new viral video to help promote Monster's Beats By Dr. Dre new Power Beats line of headphones.  Comedian Affion Crockett did a great job of ripping on Dre and LeBron and he definitely stole the show in this one.  Here are the funniest lines:

Affion to LeBron - "Kobe was in here last week, beastin' it!  He had all his rings another 25 pounds..."

Affion to Dre - "You've been doing a whole lotta working out Dr. Dre. It's about time you do a lil working out on that album."

Dre to Affion - "You need to start working on shuttin' the fuck up!"

HA HA!  Good shit.

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