Monday, November 11, 2013

Jeff Green's AMAZING Buzzer-Beater vs Miami Heat (NASTY)

This is a couple days late obviously but I had to throw it up since I still can't believe this happened.  No one even expected the Celtics to be competitive against the Heat, yet alone win this game.  They probably should have lost by about 20 had the Heat actually tried a little harder and not played to the level of their opponent (a classic old school C's move) but it happens once in awhile when playing a crappy team.  The C's also played great all game and kept themselves in it so this was just the icing on the cake. 

Had Wade just hit one free throw or even hit the rim on the second one, the game is over.  The Heat really screwed this one up multiple times.  I'll take the win though.  There aren't going to be many positive moments like this for the Celtics this season so I will take whatever I can get.  That's three wins in a row, including another solid win against Orlando on Friday.  Who saw that coming!?!?

I almost forgot about Green's sick dunks too.  Dude is finally starting to turn it around.  That's what we need!

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