Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kanye West's New Video for "Bound 2" Featuring a Topless Kim Kardashian Is Amazing (AND ALSO INSANELY WEIRD)

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player I don't really know where the hell Kanye came up with this idea for his new "Bound 2" video but I think it's f'n awesome. It's almost like he is messing with people and trying to get a reaction out of talking heads because it has so many strange pieces to it. Whatever the reason was, it seemed to work because he got people talking about it and sharing it all across the country. Here's the breakdown: 1) He's riding on a motorcycle but it's not really moving because he has a fake background of the Grand Canyon or somehting in the background moving instead like some old school western with a green screen. It almost looks like he made it on his MacBook Pro using some bssic video editing feature. Awesome. 2) Kim is naked or at least topless and it looks like they are banging while the bike bounces up and down the road. You can't really see her fully nude but the shadowed effect is enough for me. I'm a big fan of Kim wearing little to no clothing. Even awesomer. 3) He debuted this on Ellen which really makes no sense considering it's on during the day and is watched mostly by bored housewives and unemployed folks. I'm not sure the audience had any clue what they were in for when they got their tickets for the show that day but I'm pretty sure most of them were shocked and a good majority was probably offended in some way because that's how boring housewives respond to shit like this. Pissing off middle America and day time TV is always a smart move if you want people talking about your shit. Infinite awesomeness. Anyway, whether he did this to mess with people or did it on some crazy artistic shit, I don't really care. Just hearing broads at work yap about this in disgust or sheer amazement was enough for me. If you can put out a music video that actually gets talked about and shared these days, you have accomplished something because most are either pure crap or are just doing crazy shit for the shock value. Kanye was probably trying to be a little shocking but he also looks like he was just having fun with his hot ass girl riding naked on a bike and is getting people to buy his music at the same time. That's a win in my book any day.

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