Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Batting Stance Guy - 2010 MLB All-Star Game Starting Lineups (DECENT)

Just in time for tonight's game, Batting Stance Guy hits us off with a new video of his impersonations of the Starters from the 2010 MLB All Star Game.  As always, this guy is almost dead on with every single player.  It's definitely impressive.  

I consider myself a big sports fan but I could have imitated maybe 3 stances of the guys listed.  I didn't even recognize half of the names either.  I guess I just don't follow baseball like I used to but I also think that players don't have as unique swings and stances like they did back in the day.

When I was growing up, you could break out a sick whiffle ball stance arsenal of Frank Thomas, Daryl Strawberry, Gary Sheffield, Ken Griffey Jr., David Justice, Mo Vaughn, Cal Ripken and Dwight Evans just to name a few.  If you ever followed baseball just a little bit, you can picture those unique stances in your head instantly.  I can't really think of any like that any more.  What's up with that?  

By the way, how crazy is it that this Batting Stance Guy is sponsored by Lexus and is at the actual All Star Game? WTF?!?!  This dude was doing impersonations in his backyard with a whiffle ball bat with a shitty camera and now he's getting paid to make these videos.  Shit is crazy!  The internet is a funny place... 

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