Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jay-Z Named Executive Producer of NBA 2K13 (NICE!)

NBA 2K13 already sounds like it's stacking up to be one of my favorite games of all time and I barely know a thing about it other than from what's in this video. All I know is that it's got my favorite rapper, Jay-Z, I'm assuming there will be a heavy feature of my favorite basketball player, Michael Jordan based on what they've done the past few years and I'm sure the gameplay and graphics will be even better than 2K12 even though it's almost impossible to improve on that. What I'm trying to say in my babbling is that I'm really looking forward to this damn game!

Just to fill you in with a few more details, Jay-Z has been tapped to be the Executive Producer for NBA 2K13. Jay-Z will oversee the soundtrack and I'm sure it will have a ton of his own music, sprinkled with other Rocafella and Def Jam artists and maybe a few others. I'm sure he won't have to do much real work and they are really just using his name as a way to help with sales but I can't blame him or EA Sports for agreeing to it. I'm sure it will help sell more games which is the main goal. I'm looking forward to hearing more...

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