Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fabolous "Swag Champ 24/7" Official Video (FUNNY ISH)

Fabo kills it in this video for "Swag Champ 24/7". It's a combination of some sick metaphors in the song, along with some extra color commentary along the way by Fabo and his "Swag Coach". It's mostly tongue in cheek but you can tell that Fabo believes a lot of what he's saying at the same time. My favorite parts were his 'makin' it rain' training techniques, as well as what he does when the money calls...literally. He also had a killer line using my man Rondo as the subject: "I hate to see y'all bend backwards, Rondo, elbow." It sounds ridiculously simple but once you take a step back and think about the double meaning, you'll realize it's a killer line. Here's the audio only version of the song, as well as another version of the video in case the one from YouTube gets pulled:

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