Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jay-Z Announces New 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Album in Samsung Ad (DIFFERENT)

You might have already seen this ad during the NBA Finals but I thought it was worth a post since it's a solid video with a preview of some of the crazy beats he might include.  The video highlights some of the best known Hip Hop producers including Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Rick Rubin and Swizz Beatz.  Timbaland seemed like he was heavy on the boards during this video and he was bringing the heat with some crazy futuristic shit.  Definitely sounds solid. 

There aren't many cooler or more creative ways to announce a new album than this.  He will also be releasing an app for the album that allows you to listen days in advance on June 24th.  You can check out more at

I can't wait for this to drop on July 4th.  I already have my holiday soundtrack set as soon as I download the album.  Sick!


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