Monday, September 10, 2012

Funny Ish from NFL Week 1 (LOWLIGHTS)

I guess there were more than a few people that were a little rusty in Week 1 of the NFL season.  In the video above, Vernon Davis stuffed himself on the crossbar after a failed "dunk" attempt.  That was on Sprite commercial type ish! 

I'm not even sure how this one happened but Browns Rookie QB Brandon Weeden gets caught underneath the huge American Flag that the military was breaking out for the national anthem.  I don't know whether to blame Weeden for not warming up in the right place or blame the guys breaking out the flag and not even looking before they started running.  Either way, it was pretty funny. 

Finally, my boy Gronk looks like he needs to practice his famous Gronk Spike a little bit more since he fumbled it on one of his touchdowns from Sunday against the Titans.  I think the Summer of Gronk may have had something to do with his rustiness.  Dude was EVERYWHERE! 

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