Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Game Gets His Ankles Broken and Chris Brown's Alley Oop to John Wall at Drew League

I didn't realize that the Drew League had already started up again but I guess it's about that time as the summer is basically here now. I just assumed they waited for the NBA Finals to finish since some NBA players are in the league but I guess there's no reason to hold off since most of the league has been in the offseason for awhile now. The video above of Chris Brown throwing a sick oop to John Wall for a reverse dunk was solid. Chris Brown has some serious game himself and if he hand't gotten into singing at an early age, I think he might have been able to play some college ball on some level. Kid has a nice handle and some decent hops. Below is The Game getting crossed up which lead to his ankles getting shattered and falling down on his ass. Ironically, The Game actually has some decent game himself but he's gotten out of shape over the years from smoking all that weed and drinking and living an easy celebrity life. I'm pretty sure I heard he could have played some college at one point too.

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